$5 Million Settlement Reached For Deputy-Sheriff Car Crash Which Killed Two Children

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$5 Million Settlement Reached For Deputy-Sheriff Car Crash Which Killed Two Children

September 16, 2020 Alan Ahdoot

A settlement was reached in a 2017 case involving the death of two boys by a female deputy sheriff in Boyle Heights. The deputy sheriff’s patrol vehicle, which crashed onto the sidewalk, hit the two children, aged seven and nine years old. Their mother was also severely injured, and six other people at the scene sustained some wounds from the incident.

The patrol vehicle, a 2015 Ford Explorer SUV, had its emergency lights on when the deputy sheriff ran through a red light in an intersection. A Honda Accord collided with the SUV, and the car hit another car in the area after the driver of the Honda Accord lost control of the wheel. The SUV sped up after the crash and ended up swerving towards the sidewalk, hitting multiple pedestrians.

The investigators concluded that the deputy sheriff is at fault for not turning on her siren. However, in 2018, the prosecutors in charge of the case did not pursue a criminal charge against her. Following that, those injured from the incident filed a lawsuit against the county and the sheriff and won a $5 million settlement.

How Should You File A Claim Against Authorities?

It isn’t uncommon for authorities to be involved in a car crash, especially during the pursuit of a suspect. Tragically, a lot of the people who will be injured in these incidents are innocent bystanders. Not only that but oftentimes, these officials do not get charged for their actions. Thus, if you were injured in an incident involving law enforcement officials, you need to file a lawsuit against them and the city or county they work for. It can be intimidating to start this process because of the defendant’s status, and we can help alleviate your concerns. If you’d like a free consultation about your car crash with one of our experienced attorneys, call us at (866) 698-2306.

Source: The East Sider LA

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