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3 Bay Area Cities could be part of Speed Camera Pilot Program

April 17, 2022 Robert Jalon

San Jose Mayor leads push for speed cameras as traffic fatalities rise

Mayor Sam Liccardo of San Jose is making a push for speed cameras to return to California. Liccardo believes the cameras would help local law enforcement agencies uphold speed limits on busy streets, making them safer for motorists and pedestrians.

Liccardo spoke in support of a bill to test automated speed enforcement cameras in California before the State Assembly’s Transportation Committee last month.

“We know from our data, 30% of those auto fatalities, speeding constituted the key cause of that collision. Automated speed enforcement clearly works,” Liccardo told the transportation committee. “A 2017 study from the National Transportation Safety Board confirmed what several U.S. cities have already found-with automated speed enforcement reducing traffic fatalities by between 46 and 71% in cities like Portland, New York, Washington DC.”

Other Bay Area mayors lent their support as well at a time when traffic fatalities in San Jose continue at a record pace.

Currently illegal in California, Assembly Bill 2336 aims to allow places like San Jose, Oakland, San Francisco and others to establish a Speed Safety System Pilot Program. Liccardo’s measure would put “such cameras in high injury intersections, made to monitor cars going 11-miles over the posted speed limit.” It goes on to say the “equipment would capture images and videos of license plates, with tickets then mailed to the car’s registered owner.”

Fines would start at $50 and be used to improve unsafe conditions, Committee Chairwoman Laura Friedman explained.  “The money that’s generated in fines has to go right back into that very same community for physical infrastructure, to make those roads safer. So, it generates revenue, not for a general fund, not in a punitive way, but to actually do improvements on those dangerous roads,” Friedman said.

San Jose’s Department of Transportation (DOT) seems to be supportive of the measure. “Speeding is the top leading factor of traffic fatalities in San José, followed by red-light running. San José has probably more traffic fatalities than any other city in the Bay Area, and the number of tragic collisions is increasing every year, with pedestrians, cyclists, and homeless individuals much more likely to die from traffic-related crashes than other street users in San José.”

DOT elaborated further on why the measure might be a lifesaver. “Speed safety systems have demonstrated to be an effective tool in reducing speeding and traffic crashes in other cities in the United States. AB 2336 would allow cities to pilot speed controls while limiting the disproportionate impacts that speed control placement or speeding citations may have on low-income or racially diverse communities.”

If approved, the cameras would be installed for a five-year period.

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