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Berkeley Plans to Transform Telegraph Avenue into West Coast’s Times Square

March 9, 2022 Robert Jalon

The potential redesign of the popular Bay Area street comes after a drastic increase in Berkeley traffic fatalities

Berkeley’s City Council has voted unanimously to transform at least a portion of Telegraph Avenue, long known for its eclectic vibe, into a pedestrian and transit-friendly plaza. Although plans for an overhaul of the famed Berkeley street were brought to the city in 2010, city planners shelved the idea after several business owners complained of the proposed project.

The city believes the redesign (dubbed the Southside Complete Streets Projects) will help to reduce the number of traffic collisions, injuries, and deaths related to these collisions. Its proposal comes as the small Bay Area town announced a dramatic increase in traffic fatalities.

The city hasn’t decided whether to make the four blocks of Telegraph Avenue completely car-free, but they are toying with the idea after several advocacy groups introduced the idea. By making the one-way street void of all motor vehicles and creating a walkable plaza, members of the city council believe it could help turn this area into the “West Coast’s Times Square.” The redesign of four streets – Telegraph Avenue, Bancroft Way, Dana Street, and Fulton Street – would widen sidewalks, improve pedestrian crossings, and create dedicated lanes for both buses and cyclists.

Over the last several years, Berkley has seen a dramatic increase in injuries and deaths related to traffic collisions. In 2021, eight people were tragically killed in traffic collisions in the city. Of the eight victims killed, five were pedestrians. These deaths were the most the city has seen since 1984.

“Give public space back to the people and everyone will reap benefits.” 

—Fern Hahn, Berkeley Resident

Traffic crashes involving pedestrians, bicyclists, motor vehicles, and e-scooters can cause devastating injuries for those involved. Some of the more common types of injuries caused by traffic crashes include:

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