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Woman Dead After Being Hit by Two Vehicles

January 17, 2021 Alan Ahdoot

A vehicular incident was reported to have occurred in Bakersfield on Tuesday, January 12th. Bakersfield Police Department is leading an investigation of the case. The incident happened on Panama Lane near Betty Street at about 7:00 p.m. A Mercedes sedan and a Chevy Silverado were found to have hit a female pedestrian concurrently before immediately fleeing the scene. She was fatally injured as a result and was pronounced dead at the scene. Authorities are still looking into the circumstances of the crash.

Can You File A Personal Injury Claim Against More than One At-Fault Driver?

In a collision involving more than one driver, fault may not be attributed to only one party. When you’re facing such situations as a victim, you may be wondering, is it viable to file a personal injury claim against multiple parties? Well, though such action is not impossible to do, it may not be the most efficient way to spend your time and money. There may be an alternative legal action that you can pursue which still holds those involved accountable. Call us today at (800) 310-160 to get a free consultation on your case, available 24/7.

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