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Cop Sexually Assaults 200 Victims, $24M for Violation of Civil Rights, and Cancer-Causing Products

June 4, 2023 María López Garcia
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California’s May News Round-Up Features Sexual Abuse of the Elderly, Abuse of Authority, and Deadly Hit-and-Run Bicycle Cases

Despite promising data that predicted fewer incidents due to National Bike Safety Month, it seems that the initiative has not had a positive effect. Especially considering that many of the injury crashes reported in California in May 2023 involved bicyclists killed in hit-and-runs. One in Oakland, and two in the most dangerous city for bicyclists: Los Angeles.

California continues to see accidents due to speeding, distractions, or alcohol. While several leaders are pushing new proposals to prevent collisions in residential areas or near schools, the state also has other big problems on its hands: there are currently more than 20,000 potholes in Long Beach. If they don’t fix them soon, how many citizens could be injured by a slip and fall or wreck their car because of the poor condition of the roadway? The 250,000 vehicles still on California’s roads awaiting recall are dangerous as well.

When it comes to negligent deaths, the use of firearms takes the cake. More than 14,000 people have died this year as a result of gun violence. Of these, the number of officers involved in shooting accidents resulting in injury or death is considerable. However, while excessive use of force is present, this month’s news brings a high number of cases of police negligence and sexual abuse.

California Personal Injury News Highlights for May 2023

In this blog post, we’ll share California’s latest news with you. As we’ve mentioned, two types of police misconduct cases stand out: abuse of authority and sexual harassment. In addition, this month we want to give visibility to elder abuse, highlighting cases involving financial exploitation and sexual harassment. Also striking is the large number of potential injuries caused by defective products.

If at any time you are identified or have experienced a similar situation, do not hesitate to seek legal assistance.

California personal injury news in May 2023 features many victims of sexual harassment or abuse.

Potential Injury Lawsuits for Bad Road Conditions in Long Beach

Practice Area: Premises Liability

Suffering an incident that affects people’s health in an establishment can have very serious consequences. Both for the victim and the owner. When running a business or inviting someone onto one’s property, one has a duty of care to protect them from injury. The lack of this duty was the reason why a chain of pizzerias has been sued by several customers for salmonellosis. So far, up to 14 victims have been reported in California and six other states.

On the other hand, it seems as if every month brings us a news story related to students using drugs at school. A couple of months ago, we told the story of several 10-year-olds intoxicated on marijuana gummies. Now, three students at Johnnie Cochran High School in Los Angeles had to go to the emergency room for a possible overdose of an unknown substance.

Continuing with more premises liability cases, the existence of more than 20,000 potholes in Long Beach appears to be a significant risk to the state and its citizens. The potential threat of injury, both from slips and falls as well as automobile collisions due to the bad state of the pavement, exposes California to potential public lawsuits. It would not be the first time the state or any of its agencies have faced serious injury claims. Recently, a $1.6 billion class action lawsuit was filed against the California utility for the wildfires occurring in 2020.

Two Elderly Women Sexually Assaulted in Ambulance

Practice Area: Elder Abuse

It is important to give voice to any action that violates the civil rights of citizens. Especially the elderly. Research indicates that citizens over the age of 60 are more vulnerable to various types of abuse. Especially economic ones. And, despite the low rate of complaints due to fear or embarrassment, many reported cases reach justice, getting the perpetrators to pay for their crimes. In fact, this month alone, two offenders have been convicted on charges of financial fraud involving many people, including elderly victims.

In addition to taking action against fraud or scam offenders, agencies and institutions must also look out for elderly victims who have suffered physical and sexual abuse. Among the most shocking recent news stories on this topic are two injury lawsuits filed by two elderly California women in late May 2023. The plaintiffs were allegedly sexually assaulted by a paramedic while en route to a hospital by ambulance.

A Trainer, Physiotherapist, Gynecologist, and Several Police Officers Are Accused of Sexual Offense

Area of Practice: Sexual Abuse or Harassment

The University of California racked up more than $700 million paid for its gynecologist’s sexual abuse of patients over a 35-year period. Now, the 66-year-old doctor has been sentenced to 11 years in prison. Another industry professional, a massage therapist, has also been charged with sexual assault. According to the complaint, the worker allegedly performed sexual and inappropriate touching on the victim, which prompted the woman to file a personal injury lawsuit in California in May 2023.

Among the most disturbing news stories related to sexual assaults are those involving children. However, it is also a relief to see justice punishing the perpetrators of lurid cases. Earlier this month, it was announced that a $2.3 billion neglect and sexual abuse lawsuit was settled against the stepfather of a child who was a victim of brutal abuse in the 1980s. The suit also included the mother and the church to which they belonged for being aware of the facts and failing to report them. On the other hand, a child molester who instructed as a cheerleading coach at an Orange County academy was arrested this month. Since his detention, new victims of sexual abuse and assault have come to light. More are expected to report.

New Cases of Officers Sexually Assaulting Women and Children

Although their mission is to protect the rights of citizens, the perpetrators of these heinous crimes can also be members of the police force. This is the case of a Santa Monica Police Department officer. He, however, acted on a large scale: it is estimated over 200 victims were abused and harassed. The events, which occurred in the 1990s, involved underprivileged children in need of school counseling. So far, Santa Monica has already paid $230 million in abuse claims to dozens of victims.

In parallel, a former LAPD officer has been charged with eight counts of sexual abuse in Pomona. However, the officer died while in police custody due to a previous illness. Also, a former federal agent in Riverside has been sentenced to life in prison for police misconduct and sexual assault of two women. The defendant also threatened the victim by using his position of authority to cover up possible accusations.

$24M Settlement for Excessive Force and Civil Rights Violation

Practice Area: Police Misconduct

We begin this controversial section with the conclusion of a man’s trial who died in police custody after screaming that he could not breathe when several officers held him down. This $24 million claim is the largest civil rights settlement in California. On a national scale, it is the second largest after the George Floyd case.

Many of the police misconduct charges are related to false arrests and witness or evidence tampering. In fact, the Orange County defense attorney opened a particular inquiry a couple of weeks ago against a member of the police force. She accuses a sheriff’s sergeant of swapping drug evidence between two cases.

In addition to illegal use of weapons, abuse of authority, or tampering with evidence, police misconduct can come in other forms. A report has just revealed the negative impact of Los Angeles police chases on citizens. The data shows that half of those injured or killed by these actions are bystanders. According to other studies, the number of victims continues to increase year after year: 1 in 4 pursuits suffers injuries.

Hazardous Products

Practice Area: Product Liability

Research conducted by the Silent Spring Institute and the University of California points to the dangers of coming into contact with everyday consumer products that include toxic chemical ingredients. These common products range from shampoos to body lotions.

Although not a carcinogenic product, the U.S. Food Safety and Inspection Service is recalling more than 2,000 pounds of beef patties for containing a “gum-like” material. At this time, no one has filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer, Weinstein Wholesale Meats. However, it is not ruled out that there may be future victims who may be injured from consuming those patties. Likewise, General Mills has announced a voluntary recall of its flour due to possible salmonella.

Within baby and children’s food products, two stories have been particularly notable. The first is the contamination of infant formula; the second is the risk of burns from nearly 500,000 waffle makers. Both products are being urgently recalled. Another children’s product being pulled from stores is Walker Edison Furniture’s children’s bunk beds. It appears that multiple accidental falls and impacts have resulted in 14 reports of breakage incidents. Only one child has been reported injured.

Contaminated formula contains bacteria that can be deadly to infants.

Speeding Can Kill You

Practice Area: Traffic Accidents

In today’s auto collision highlights, we feature several cases involving multiple fatalities and injuries. Three Orange County citizens have been killed after striking a car that was speeding. In Riverside, a head-on collision seriously injured four people, claiming the life of a child. According to authorities, one of the cars was traveling at a high rate of speed and lost control of the vehicle.

In addition to the cyclist hit-and-run news mentioned earlier in this blog, other California citizens have also been victims of reckless driving. Specifically, five teenagers are in serious condition after being violently rammed by a sedan. The driver of one vehicle, who then struck a bus, fled on foot.

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